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Premium Canadian Yellow Onion Sets

Premium Canadian Yellow Onion Sets

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Premium Canadian Yellow Onion Sets: Start Your Garden with Vibrant Flavor

Transform your garden into a haven of culinary delight with our Premium Yellow Onion Sets. Bursting with vibrant flavor and robust aroma, these onion sets are the perfect addition to any garden or kitchen.

Hand-selected for their quality and reliability, our yellow onion sets promise a bountiful harvest of golden bulbs that are sure to elevate your dishes to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, these sets are easy to plant and require minimal maintenance, making them ideal for gardeners of all levels.

Each set is carefully nurtured to ensure optimal growth, resulting in onions that are sweet, crisp, and full of flavor. From soups and stews to salads and sandwiches, these versatile onions add depth and richness to any recipe.

Don't settle for bland, store-bought onions – cultivate your own with our Premium Yellow Onion Sets and taste the difference fresh, homegrown produce can make. Order yours today and embark on a culinary journey that's as rewarding as it is delicious.

Each Bag contains 200 Grams of Yellow Onion Sets grown in Canada. 

Shipping is to Canadian Addresses Only

In Store Pick Up Available, Shipping is available but at a high cost because they have to be mailed as a parcel in a box NO ENVELOPE shipping available.

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